Raising Lifelong Readers

Walter Dean Myers. Photo: Malin Fezehai

“I took my child on weekly trips to bookstores where he could select one or two books. A weekly trip to the library works just as well.  Selecting the book suggests ownership, and gives the child control over the process.  Perhaps the child can make a list of the books she wants to read next.”

via Walter Dean Myers, the National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature, on raising readers – On Parenting – The Washington Post.

One of several great tips on raising lifelong readers. I particularly like this tip and have seen it succeed more than any other on the list with my nephews and nieces, and now myself! My wife and I have a public library within walking distance, and although I have largely moved over to ebooks and e-magazines on my iPad, I have discovered a childlike joy in going to the library every few days and picking out a new book to read at bedtime. (Making reading a part of a child’s bedtime routine is another tip, by the way.)

4 thoughts on “Raising Lifelong Readers

  1. Great post. Aside from the cost another benefit of using the library is that my kids want to read the books as many times as they can before we have to give them back. Reading to them before bed calms them and jump starts their dreams


  2. i agree with the library comment – we can check books for a month at a time at our library so we check out about 75-100 books a time (easy to do when they are 6yrs and under). our 6yr old reads at a 2nd or 3rd grade level know so she *loves* reading on her own. great post.


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