Tragedy in Newtown, CT and The Loss of Childhood

VICTIM sub popupAs an educator in an elementary school myself, I mourn the children, adults, and families who lost their loved ones yesterday. Just as deeply, I mourn the loss of childhood, for those who lost their lives as well as those who survived – the town, the school, teachers, students, and families. The tragedy has edged each of them closer to the uglies of adulthood, and robbed them of their innocence and corrupted their imagination. The bravery shown by the teachers, the school principal (see image on left), and the school counselor of Sandy Hook Elementary gives some measure of hope and inspiration to the Newtown community, in a world otherwise forever stained.

Many in the days and months ahead will talk of making sense of this shooting, however some things are as senseless as they appear at first glance.

In Peace,


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