Helicopter Parents Make Children Miss Milestones (via @NYTimes)

KJ Dell’Antonia writing on her Motherlode blog on a research study out of Australia:

The researcher who conducted the survey [on instances of overparenting, as reported by educators] said that she’d drawn another conclusion from her results: many parents aren’t letting their child reach normal developmental milestones…

…As they grow up, those milestones begin to feel so much less clear. When should a child cross the street alone? Be able to enter a store and politely and successfully make a purchase? Advocate for herself with a teacher? Ride the subway? Take himself to the doctor or dentist, or for a haircut? Cook a meal, do a load of laundry?

Those are milestones, too. And those are the kind of milestones that it’s easy to forget your child isn’t hitting. Once we’ve set aside those books and charts— which provide remarkably little guidance on when a child should be capable of cooking a meal or doing a load of laundry — it’s too easy to forget to step aside and let those equally important moments happen.

via Helicopter Parents Make Children Miss Milestones – NYTimes.com.

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