Sunday Edition: 3 Articles/Resources on Effective Administrator Evaluations

I’ve recently become interested in administrator evaluation models. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has done a lot of work on this topic, however their focus is on identifying the best teachers. Here are three articles/resources I came across this week on evaluating administrators – 

  1. Seven Steps to Effective Feedback, by Grant WigginsEducational Leadership, Sep. 2012 > A thorough look at the various components of what makes any feedback effective or ineffective. Wiggins’ advice can be applied universally to administrators or teachers and across industries.
  2. North Carolina’s Rubric to Evaluate Principals/Assistant Principals/School Administrators > Very comprehensive evaluation model, however I wonder at its effectiveness due to the sheer length of the document (30 letter-size pages). The size of the document also points to the complexity of school leadership and outsized expectations of school administrators.
  3. From ISTE: NETS Technology Standards and Performance Indicators for School Administrators > Another model, however, focused on technology vision and leadership in schools. The six main categories do cover the full gamut of school leadership from vision, instruction, professional practice, support and operations, assessment and evaluation, to social/legal/ethical issues. (Thanks to David Carpenter for pointing me to #2 and #3.)
  4. BONUS: From ISTE again, fourteen essential conditions necessary to leverage technology in the classrooms. Empowered leaders at every level is perhaps the one I consider most significant to the success of any endeavor implementing new technology in the classroom. For further elaboration, check out this space on February 25 for my presentation (with Sherry Ward and Robert Powers, two administrators at Alexandria Country Day School) at the National Business Officers Association Conference on our 1:1 iPad Initiative.

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