21st Century Leadership: Creating Value Through Empowerment

  1. First #naisac13 session to attend today: @NishantMehta on leaders creating value through empowerment.
  2. Ready for @NishantMehta‘s #NAISC13 Love his great questions! 21st century schools require 21st century leaders. What does that mean?
  3. At “21c Leadership: Creating Value Through Empowerment” w/ @NishantMehta at #NAISAC13
  4. Heads have been remote to the school. Need to be less isolated from rest of school via @NishantMehta #naisac2013
  5. @nishantmehta calls for more collaborative school leadership, and less hierarchical. Begins w/ quotes from @GrantLichtman #NAISAC13
  6. Leadership shod be looking for more collaborative teamwork. Push isolated segments to work together. @NishantMehta #NAISC13 Me: model C’s
  7. @nishantmehta “Schools were to deliver an education. No longer.” Education now pulled from many sources. What’s our value added? #NAISAC13
  8. “Welcome to our moment of change…” @willrich45 via @NishantMehta, asking tough Qs re indy school identity at #naisac13
  9. History of independent schools not a good indicator of future @NishantMehta #NAISAC13
  10. What is value of an Independent Education? @NishantMehta think of the whole experience: Purpose, mission, cost, values, etc.#naisac13
  11. Courage to make tough calls critical for change to take place @NishantMehta #NAISAC13
  12. Faculty want to be engaged leaders have to create opportunities for that engagement aligned with vision @NishantMehta #NAISAC13
  13. .@NishantMehta shares great story of “faculty hunger” for authentic voice in leadership, decision making, vision… #naisac13 
  14. @nishantmehta tells story of current school engaging faculty to clarify purpose, move from compliance to enrollment to commitment #NAISAC13
  15. Portrait of an ACDS graduate: http://twitpic.com/c7httd @NishantMehta #naisac13 
  16. Need to define relationships between students, teachers, and knowledge at your school. May not be the same for all @NishantMehta #naisac13
  17. Teacher ‘compliance’ not sufficient. Investment & shared vision/stakes key. Requires authentic #TeacherVoice. @NishantMehta #naisac13
  18. Does we have a Portrait of a Graduate? ow.ly/i/1Bbb2 Reflected in practices? In every learner’s portfolio? #naisac13 @NishantMehta
  19. Content is rarely mentioned when we talk about essential qualities of our students. Must align time with those essentials. @NishantMehta
  20. Bust silos, flex, build competencies, anticipate roadblocks, rethink and reflect @NishantMehta #naisac13
  21. Appreciate @nishantmehta‘s pts re embedded time for fac – 1 every 7 days 1day/trimester. But school transformation demands more #NAISAC13
  22. Love that @NishantMehta is discussing Leading by Following! Listen, coach, let others drive. #naisac13 Follow; assist in course correction.
  23. @nishantmehta explains difference between “sticking to roadmap” and “adapting to quick change.” #NAISAC13
  24. How to define the differentiated value of your school? @NishantMehta #naisc13
  25. Combine the qualities of a graduate and the characteristics of professional excellence to define value. @NishantMehta #naisc13
  26. @nishantmehta explains how Bassett’s 21st C shifts serve as “measures” for current school to assess itself. How do we measure up? #NAISAC13
  27. Some faculty just ask what they should do, but more critical that they learn from working the process @NishantMehta #naisac2013
  28. @NishantMehta: invite your faculty to be a part of and makers of the change – #NAISAC13
  29. @NishantMehta Thought your #NAISAC13 session great. Am glad you are coming to Atl. Strong believer in starting w/ purpose & w/ Fac as “us”

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