My First Message to The Children’s School Community as Head of School

Dear TCS Friends,

From GreenFest last Saturday to Olympic Day today, I have had a fun-filled initiation into the TCS way! In the last three days I have received enough flowers to fill two big vases; a witty, touching poem written by a third grade class; coupons for many, many gifts from a pre-k class; a gift bag from the Parents’ Association; cards, emails, visits, and of course, innumerable hugs. When my wife, Neeti, asked me about my first day at school, I told her that I had not stopped smiling since 8:00 a.m.

One of the many perks of starting my headship before the summer is that I get to experience the children’s energy and enthusiasm right away. Each day when I am in my office and I see them playing outside, I am reminded of why I am here. Indeed, the sixth graders invited me to join their game of knockout basketball (their verdict: “Nishant is not bad!”) and a pre-k class asked me to fall behind them on their way to the gym. Many have asked me questions ranging from what languages I speak to why I chose to wear Mickey Mouse gloves on my first day. My two favorite comments so far: “You’re the first boy principal!” and “Hey, you’re the Mickey Mouse principal!”

Many had warned me that I would be overwhelmed after my first day. So, am I? Yes, and only due to the magnanimity that all of you have already shown me. However, what I am most grateful for is knowing that this level of generosity is extended to so many individuals daily. GreenFest was my first full introduction to TCS, and I saw children of all ages serve their school as well as their local community in both small and big ways. In a year when so many children here and abroad have suffered tragedy, I am thankful to see such leadership through service continue on our campus and expand outward into Atlanta and the rest of the world.

I want to express my gratitude to:

  • The TCS Board for its huge support and faith in me and my capacity to lead this school to greater heights.

  • The administrative team and the faculty and staff for moving mountains during an extremely busy time of year to make my transition so smooth and joyous.

  • Our parent body for welcoming me with open arms and enthusiasm.

  • And, of course, the children for their laughter and hugs, and for sharing their joy so willingly.

To all of you who have given me a lot already, I hope to give you much in return.

For the children,

Nishant N. Mehta

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