No Regrets.

If you wait until you’re ready, you’ll be waiting the rest of your life.

You’ll never be fully ready for the things that matter. Most of the time, waiting until you’re ready is the fear talking. We’re scared that if we put our heart and soul into something it might fail. How you respond to this fear is often the difference between living a meaningful life and one filled with regret.

Good opportunities appear suddenly and disappear rather quickly. Beyond a certain point, which most people reading this newsletter have reached, outcomes matter less to life satisfaction than minimizing regrets. While the pain of trying something and failing sucks, it’s over rather quickly. The pain of regret, however, lingers forever.

You don’t control the outcome. You control your actions. Are you moving toward success or avoiding failure?

Shane Parrish, “Brain Food” newsletter, Farnam Street, 02/23/20

I’ve shared a few times on this blog my doubts and my fears about my next step. It’s not my brain that needs reassurance; the brain knows I’ll be fine. It’s the rest of me. Whether it’s my age, or our title-asset-follower-status-driven culture, I find myself more concerned at times about achieving outcomes, instead of minimizing regrets.

I don’t know what’s next after June 2021 and whether I’m “moving toward success,” but I won’t stop now because I’m terrified of failure. I may not control my success or failure, but I control every step I take. No regrets.

What are your fears? What’s your meaningful life, and are you living it already? What regrets will you choose to have?