For as Long as We Draw Breath

Sent earlier this afternoon to families, faculty and staff at The Children’s School

Dear TCS Families:

The birth of a child is a cause for celebration. In that moment, I’ve heard from my own parents and others, the instinct to protect that child at all costs takes over. We want to do everything within our power to raise that child in a caring, loving family, and community. We encourage, inspire, and nurture them. We love, celebrate, and empower. We tell our children: “You can be whatever you want to be.”  

Those words ring hollow right now for people of color in our country. Last week, I heard from one of our Black faculty and staff that she and her husband had to have The Talk with their barely ten-year-old son that every Black family painfully knows too well. To modify the words of Jefferson and Orwell, all men are created equal but some men are treated less equally than others. A Black and Brown child in the United States is born and raised in a culture of trauma, a system that dishonors their humanity in a myriad of ways.

At a time when institutions all over the South were defying Brown v. Board of Education, The Children’s School was founded to defy segregation and separation between people. The Wolf Pack knows that we rise and fall together, and we live and breathe together, too. We cannot ignore that we are vulnerable as an entire community and country as long as there are those who feel vulnerable among us. Our strength is not based on any one, it’s dependent on the strength of every one.

We have a choice, again, to be the country of King and Lewis. We can be the heart of Angelou and Lorde. For as long as we draw breath, the Wolf Pack will speak up for those who can’t breathe.

For our Black and Brown children,

Nishant N. Mehta
Head of School

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